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THE MAG: For our readers who may only know about your rap career, can you speak on your experience growing up?
Cam'Ron: Well I grew up in New York City: Harlem, New York. I played ball for probably two of the biggest amateur basketball organizations in the city. One being the Gauchos, the other being the Riverside Hawks. I went to Manhattan Center High School. I never graduated, but I came out of high school Top 25 in the country in the class of 1994. I ended up going to a junior college called Navarro Junior College in Texas, which is in between Dallas and Waco. I tore my hamstring when I was there, and I redshirted my first year. And when I came back home, I ended up getting back into the music business. I didn't get a chance to get back into sports because music started taking off for me. That's kinda how my basketball career went.

What's the new album (Crime Pays) sounding like?
The new album is crazy. It's really street. It's like an old, S.D.E. Cam'ron album.

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