Two of my favorite producers going at it

Visually, one of the best videos Ive seen in a long time

Easily my most anticipated album for this fourth quarter.

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Here it is! The first leak from B. Way and I's new mixtape "At the Speed of Life."

More details and leaks about/ from the tape coming soon. Until than enjoy the track (produced by "Heat Rock" Nuri).

DOWNLOAD: B. Way x Dub R - Cinematic Fly Shxt
DOWNLOAD: B. Way x Dub R - Cinematic Fly Shxt
DOWNLOAD: B. Way x Dub R - Cinematic Fly Shxt

This will release mid-November on Good Wood’s online shop. Ive seen black Jesus pieces like this but this wooden one is tuff to me.

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Pure hilarity

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These t's are a great idea. Respect the architects

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New ProClub ish. Be on the lookout for V's Black SuperHero mixtape to drop very soon...

Mr. V - Mr. Intentional (feat Lauryn Hill) (prod. by Vee-Nyce)

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Ive been bumpin this tape all day. Willie the Kid has heat on his hands.

Life of a Drug Dealer Freestyle

Salma Hayek Flow (Prod. by J. Dilla)

Willie The Kid - The Fly (Mixtape)

My boy V re-released his critically acclaimed mixtape, remastered and a few new tracks. ProClub at its finest.
Peep track 14 for a feature from yours truly.

Light Blue Heavy Green (Mixtape) [CLICK TO DOWNLOAD]


Peep for a cut from his new mixtape Black Superhero.

Last week Pharrell gave a sneak peak of the "So Ambitious" t above. This week we see two more t's from the collection. I may have to jump on one of the shirts.

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I rocks with Dizzee Rascal and Im a HUGE AM 90 fan. These are ill to me

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Atlanta boutique Wish teamed with Play Cloths to bring you these limited run New Era 59Fifty fitteds

Two different colorways were created, including a royal blue/red/white and black/red/yellow rendition. Both feature dual branding with a special notebook underbill, spotted on most of the Wish-branded New Eras. Along with the caps, Wish will be dropping co-branded Sharpies in Red/Black to commemorate the September 25th, 2009 release which will see an appearance by Clipse.

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One of my all time favorite movies is finally getting a sequel featuring some of the original cast. Sequels are usually big let downs but this looks on point.

I wasnt going to post this but I realized some of my peeps still havent seen this vid. This song goes. If you dont have the Brisco Gangster Grillz. Get it now...HERE (thank me later)
Of course its directed by Jordan Towers

This is a cool vid where Jay recreates some of his more popular album covers.

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Both Slam and Beckett are releasing special edition Micheal Jordan Hall of Fame tribute issues. I need to make a trip to Barnes & Nobles or something ASAP!

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Ill let The305 tell it:

Really dope video of the Miami Graffiti art show and installation that went down in July over at Los Angeles’ Mid-City Arts and 33third Gallery.

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...Julien Renault has just released his latest creation entitled “Sneaker’s Lover”. The theme around his illustrations revolves around classic sneakers that have been transformed into mutated monsters. Though many may question the skill level and creativity of digital artists, sneakerheads can certainly see the beauty in these pieces.

Since Ive moved into the new crib Ive been tryna get my room set up. This piece or something similar may soon see its way on my wall

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More info on Julien Renault

I actually visited the Stussy site a few days ago and realized its been revamped. I ran across this spread today and thought it was pretty clean. Plus I know my folk B. Way would respect it.

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I dont know how I missed this but this ish is HILARIOUS!

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Franks 151 holds it down for the L.E.S. sucka!

^^Whatever the hell that means. Im assuming its a New Era collab but I cant find any other info.
Edit: After staring at the .gif I realized that he has a different fitted on in each frame.

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Its the WU you bastards!

This goes hard. Broad Street Bully coming soon...

Smooth, laid back track.

One of my all time favorite Nike Basketball commercials. I remember this being on Rap City for a while.

More classic Nike Basketball commercials @ Complex

The F430's successor, called Ferrari 458 Italia, it will be launched in Frankfurt next month. Maranello has finally revealed the mid-engined V8 replacement for the Ferrari F430. The Ferrari 458 Italia powered by a 4.5-liter V8 and and 540 nm of torque which which uses about 13.7 liters of fuel per 100 KM. Thanks to its aluminum structure, it weights at just 3,042 pounds. Acceleration to 100 km/h (62 mph) takes just 3.4 seconds and a maximum speed in excess of 325 km/h.
"No word yet on pricing, but it will replace the F430, which has a base price of around $188,000.

Im thinking the price is gonna be well over 200 stacks. 220 maybe?

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Custom Cars & Cycles coming soon...

Gucci is planning to open flash sneaker stores in the coming months. The stores will also introduce Mark Ronson's collab sneaker.

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For this years Artclash, the promoters asked some fellow artist to customize a pair of the classic white-on-white Nike Air Force One. The event was held at the Freitag production facility in Z├╝rich.

More pix & info @ High Snobiety

More behind the scenes footage w/ Ice Cube & Kobe @ the P. Rod III site

Clean visuals

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Last time I was there Chris was telling me that he has a wall in his crib thats sticked up. My computer desk is about 1/4 bomb'd

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This will be UNION NYC’s last collaboration as they’re set to close-up shop. 100 pieces will be available starting Thursday, July 23rd at UNION NYC and online at

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The long delayed mixtape is finally here and I must admit it was well worth the wait. If your trying to compare this to Sealed for Freshness, DONT! This is a huge step forward. Standout tracks:
-Pac Div
-For You
-Young Black Male

Church League Champions Trailer

Pac Div Interview w/ On-Air Idiots

Download: Pac Div - Church League Champions (Mixtape)

Previously: Video: Pac Div - Mayor

No explanation really necessary, just take a look at what Nike has in store for the Fall.

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FRANK151’s latest Chapter 37, focuses on hip hop favorite De La Soul. This chapter features hand written lyrics, photos, artwork and exclusive interviews.

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Previously: Frank151 Book Chapter 36 “Erotica”

Coinciding with the impending San Diego Comic Con, Subtext is hosting a special exhibition relevant to the world’s largest super-hero related event with their Meanwhile… At the Hall of Justice exhibition. 50 different artists have each contributed their personal memories and appropriations of various super heroes. Our preview here includes chracters from both DC and Marvel Comics franchises such as Batman, Robin, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man and Dr. Doom.

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