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Super Bowl XLIII, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Arizona Cardinals, the big day is finally here; and being that I live in Tampa I’m definitely bringing ya’ll the inside scoop. It’s real simple, can Pittsburgh’s defense stop Arizona’s offense. I say, HELL NO! Pittsburgh is an easy pick, all the analysts give them the edge because of their defense and experience, but I show no love. Arizona is going to surprise a lot of people with their explosive offense and rejuvenated defense. And as far as true experience and clutch performance goes, I got to give it to my man Kurt Warner. He’s a true Vet that still gives it his all (unlike Favre), and he can read defenses like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. He’ll be ready for whatever Pittsburgh throws at him, he’s seen it all. Nasty Nav’s pick is Arizona Cardinals victorious and Kurt Warner is MVP once again. After party, Holiday the Streets!


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